Monday, February 6, 2012

Fresh With No Mistakes

I always loved the saying "Tomorrow is a new day, fresh with no mistakes". (Who said that, anyway? It's from a movie, i think?)
 Anyway, it always makes me hopeful for a new day.
I answered a question not too long ago; "whats your favorite day of the week?"
Well, believe it or not, mine is Monday.

No, seriously.

I love looking at a new week spread out before me, knowing the things here and there that must be accomplished, and i think about how there are seven days ahead of me that i can fill with memories, fill with great moments, fill with life.
And inevitably, life rushes in to meet me that week. a sick kid, fighting kids, a careless word between spouses, a mean look in traffic, a mis-placed library book, etc.


But is that "just life"??

Jesus said " I AM the resurrection, and the LIFE."

These things I listed, that I called "life"... they are circumstances, they are not LIFE.
They may be the "events" of the week, they may be "happenings" but they all fall upon me through my LIFE.

Jesus Christ must be my "LIFE".

He is what keeps me here, keeps my heart beating, keeps my hope alive, keeps my responsibilites and priorities in line... HE must be my LIFE.

And while each day finds itself filled with 1,001 mistakes, and a handful (or a wheelbarrow) of inconvenient "happenings", each tomorrow spreads itself ahead of me, full of the promise of "being fresh, with no mistakes"..
 Because the One who is LIFE is there waiting to meet me, yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Just BE and me

I got a chance to spend some one on one time with my little blue elephant this week.
we went to steak n' shake for lunch.
oh, how that BE makes me laugh!
The server came to the table.
BE: "Hi! I'm J and this is my mama! I'd like juice and TWO grilled cheese. One for me, and one for my MAMA!"
And he smiled his most winning smiled and waited for her to do his bidding.
I laughed, ordered juice and water, and told BE i didn't know what i wanted to eat, yet.
Yes, you guessed it. I'm a sucker. We both ordered grilled cheese.
(And it was GOOD!)
We colored.
A giraffe family, complete with a Mama, Daddy, and boy and girl. The boy was named Spots. The girl was named Giraffe. (original, buddy.)
We talked.
That is to say, I asked questions and he answered them.
He still loves homeschool. He likes the "games" we play the best. (mental note: more versions of games as we learn!)
He still wants to be a firefighter (and NOT get married) when he grows up.
He wants to drive the firetruck, and help make sure the water comes out correctly.
I told him he has to be good at math for that, and he stared at me like I had 3 heads.
Of course he would be good enough at math. Duh, Mama.
When we had eaten our grilled cheese, I ordered BE a strawberry sundae for dessert.
He loved it.. but he had to figure out how to get to the strawberry topping at the bottom of the cup.
Challenge? Not for my little BE!
He dug a "groundhog burrow" into the ice cream and reached the strawberries.
He also decided that since that day it was Thursday, the dessert should be a "strawberry Thursday"... and told the server as much when she came back with the bill.
He also looked her right in the eye and said with all the enthusiasm his little body could bear "HAPPY GROUNDHOG DAY!!"
Ah, my BE.
If anyone ever worries about the socialization aspect of homeschool, i invite you to have a conversation with my Blue Elephant. It's sure to be memorable!
I loved my time with BE.
I love my Elephants!