Wednesday, June 29, 2011

running in circles

So for the 3,000 readers that i have (ha ha, minus 2,097) i haven't dropped off the earth, ive just been doing the summer circles dance. you know, the days where you arent sure what happened but its suddenly bedtime and you have spent maybe 45 minutes at home? yeah, thats the dance. we are off and running and doing this and that and "enjoying" the summer. at least, i am taking mental snapshots of my children's delight at the activities that i rush around getting them to on time. they seem to be the ones having all the fun. i seem to be the one doing all the sweating and worrying in the humid car (with the yet again broken AC) as i weave in and out of the minivan parade of all the other frenzied summer activity mothers....
oh for the days of childhood when i was enjoying the swimming pool and the drippy popsicles, hanging out in my wet swimsuit all day....

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

the littest elephant has no trunk

Well, we bit the bullet. We got a kitten from a friend who was giving them away. In fact, said kitty is cuddled up on me as I update right now. He has decided that I am his "person" to replace being gone from his mommy.
He is all black, a fluff ball of sweet tinyness. Maybe 9 weeks old? He was the runt of the litter, and my friend took such great care of him. He still is on the tiny side, but he is a sweet thing that I think will make it just fine.
Our elephants are soooo in love with him. My BE wants to pet on him constantly, and PE is always making sure of where he is...
Now, poor hubby is allergic to cats. Come to think of it, BE is supposed to be, as well. Except that he has sneezed like twice, all day. That makes me very hopeful that he will develop an immunity to our little one, and easily so!
We are excited about our new member of the family. I love watching the kids "play" with him. Actually, for being 4 and almost 3, the kids are doing a great job being gentle and sweet to Licorice.
Hoping Hubby doesn't live to regret the decision to let us have this sweet pet, he is already ingrained in our hearts!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

I saw myself tonite

We were sitting on the bench swing in the back yard while our kids ran around, barefoot in our yard, drawing with sidewalk chalk on the patio, swinging on the playset, etc.
I looked at my PE and my heart took a snapshot to remember.
Messy ponytail, tank top with a stain from dinner, chalk on one palm, shorts pulled back up just a bit crooked, barefoot, three little almost-healed bug bits from last week on her legs...
Instantly I was transported to summers of my childhood. Getting in the last few minutes of daylight right before dusk, in the cool of the day, carefree and running from one fun thing to the next. I didn't miss being a kid, persay, I just had a pang of nastagia for the innocence and worry-free times from back then.
People (the non-biased, honest ones) say that my PE is a carbon-copy of me. I saw tonite what I must have looked like on the cusp of turning 3, enjoying a summer evening in the backyard. And my heart was full.
How much the Lord has blessed me with, this full circle of seeing a reflection of me from the opposite perspective... to be the adult now, knowing the road of joys, struggles, pain, heartache, challenges, and adventures that I walked to get here, and I know my littlest love has all of that yet to walk.
I have a head full of prayers to pray for her, a heart full of hopes and dreams, and a moment tonite of pure bliss watching her delightful face.
Thank you, Lord, for the past that has shaped me, the present that blesses me, and the future ahead that amazes me.
I love my elephants. :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Down for the Count

It's been going on the whole week.... Monday, PE got sick at breakfast. BE started to throw up around the afternoon. Tues they seemed fine. Wednesday evening we were headed to church, and PE threw up (in the car... ewww). Then again in bed. Today, both kids seem right as rain. Guess who's been under the weather?? Yep, they got me sick! :( Poor hubs had to come home from work this morning to take care of the kiddos, since getting out of the bed made me feel horrible. Hopefully by tomorrow I will be feeling a bit better...this seems to be fast moving.
It's just really frustrating to get out of the bedroom after almost a whole day and look around the house after the hubby has been in charge. It makes me realise all over again that theres certain things only a Mama will keep up with. But I can't really justify complaining, he DID come home from work. He did keep the kids out of the bedroom so I could rest and sleep. He did go across town to get my favorite soup from a great local restaurant. He has been very attentive to help me all day.... I can definitely overlook a few crumbs on the counter and floor, some snack dishes left in the livingroom, toys scattered, no ponytail on PE, etc.
He helped. And he did it in his own Daddy kind of way. Even when I am down for the count, I know the little elephants and the house will be in good hands. I am really thankful for such a great husband!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Why the blog?

I've done the linky on Summer Jo's blog, so now I'm answering the question "Why did you start your blog?"

I didn't start blogging because I'm an amazing writer. Not because I support some amazing cause. Not because my family is incrediably unique and amazing. Not because I have something huge to say. I started this blog simply for the fun of sharing about my family and our "adventures" of daily life.
My son, Blue Elephant, absolutely loves elephants. I am not sure why or where the obsession came from, but he draws them, plays with them (uh, toys... we do not own an elephant) wants to BE one, asks if we can get a pet elephant.... its really cute, actually.
I was wracking my brain for a blog name, since I couldn't start without one... and I looked across the room where my son had built the words "Elephant Tales" out of connext (sp) blocks. Yes, he also will build the words out of blocks and spell them out with playdoh as well. (Did I mention he is 4?) If you haven't heard of it, Elephant Tales is the name of a movie... my BE's FAVORITE movie, of course. I thought to myself, "why not 'Elephant Tales'??" He is my "elephant" and these are the "tales" about our lives.
(Naturally, little sister became Pink Elephant to keep up continuity.) And that's about it, that's how my blog got it's name.
 I can't promise any fancy, themed posts or any kind of spiffy give-aways, but I can be honest about our lives. We love God, are beginning homeschool this fall, (excited!!) are very involved at church, and are branching out this year to become what I like to call "a pale shade of green"... we have a small strawbale garden in our yard, and we just started recycling.
I may not lead the most extravagent or amazing life, but I'm quite happy with it! :) I treasure each day with my Elephants.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Trip the the Zoo!

So, yesterday we played hooky from church.... and went to the Zoo for some family time. (Don't judge, the hubby works 6 days a week!!) We had a blast! Aside from the humidity, it was a great trip. We brought plenty of water, though, and stayed hydrated...
BE got to see an elephant, just steps away from us. He was entranced, and I was enchanted watching him! We watched the elephant drink from the pond, itch its foot with the other foot, twitch its tail to get rid of flies, flap its ears to cool off, throw dust and dirt on itself, pick up a huge log with its trunk, eat some hay... I remember all of these actions because I remember the delight on BE's face and his sweet comments of joy. I loved being able to "take the day" and spend time making memories with my two sweet ones.
And, we did go to church last night. Which, I'm assuming, is where PE picked up the bug she has today. Thrown up twice now, can't keep water down... :(   My poor girl, hate it when the babies don't feel well!! Glad that we got to have a good time yesterday, just sad that here we are at Monday and the reality of the inconveniences of life comes to call all over again!
Feel better, PE! And what a grand time we had at the Zoo!! :)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Elephant Homeschool

BE is already asking "When am I going to be homeschooled?" And I keep telling him not till the fall, when the leaves change. He is adament that he doesn't want PE to go to a year of preschool... "I want PE to stay at home with me and homeschool." I tell him it will only be for one year, and he gets ME (Mama Elephant, not "me" ) all to himself for all of Kindergarten. I've got him sold on the homeschool, he just doesn't seem to want to walk that road alone, sans sister.
I am alot more optimistic about homeschooling BE than I used to be. If there is one way to engage him, to get him to focus, its when we are talking letters and numbers. BE loves to learn, and he soaks it all up so quickly! I really think  this first year is going to be less difficult than I first imagined. Of course, I see the rosy side now... happy, laughing reading together, going to the park for p.e., a trip to the Zoo for science class... all enjoyable. I know theres the "other side" looming just out of sight... the days of "I don't want to!"  "Can I watch a movie instead?" and many concepts that will be brand new and won't fall into place naturally without alot of cooperation on BE's part. I know its going to be tough. And I know its going to be wonderful. And, I know its all going to be worth it!!