Monday, February 6, 2012

Fresh With No Mistakes

I always loved the saying "Tomorrow is a new day, fresh with no mistakes". (Who said that, anyway? It's from a movie, i think?)
 Anyway, it always makes me hopeful for a new day.
I answered a question not too long ago; "whats your favorite day of the week?"
Well, believe it or not, mine is Monday.

No, seriously.

I love looking at a new week spread out before me, knowing the things here and there that must be accomplished, and i think about how there are seven days ahead of me that i can fill with memories, fill with great moments, fill with life.
And inevitably, life rushes in to meet me that week. a sick kid, fighting kids, a careless word between spouses, a mean look in traffic, a mis-placed library book, etc.


But is that "just life"??

Jesus said " I AM the resurrection, and the LIFE."

These things I listed, that I called "life"... they are circumstances, they are not LIFE.
They may be the "events" of the week, they may be "happenings" but they all fall upon me through my LIFE.

Jesus Christ must be my "LIFE".

He is what keeps me here, keeps my heart beating, keeps my hope alive, keeps my responsibilites and priorities in line... HE must be my LIFE.

And while each day finds itself filled with 1,001 mistakes, and a handful (or a wheelbarrow) of inconvenient "happenings", each tomorrow spreads itself ahead of me, full of the promise of "being fresh, with no mistakes"..
 Because the One who is LIFE is there waiting to meet me, yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

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