Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rare Breeds

So I've been thinking alot lately about BE and his "differences". We are about to explore another round of getting him re-evaluated again, for IQ and also any spectrum disorders. BE is the light of my life. Every day that kid does something to amaze me. And yet I clearly recognize that even as he stands out among the crowd of 4 1/2 yr olds with his artistic/musical/laguage/writing/reading skills, it is blaringly obvious that he is of his own, rare breed.
At church this past sunday, the pastor spoke on "how to handle situations beyond our control". Gee, God, thanks for the obvious nod to my recent thought patterns! :)  Basically, pastor ended up concluding that we can put all our time and effort into the struggle to control the uncontrollable, or we can get wise and give the reigns over to God, and TRUST that He is big enough to take care of us thru the situation. And I realized that alot of my exasperation with dealing with BE's "differences" is due to the fact that I am trying to wrestle this huge situation down to something managable and controllable, and I have NOT, in fact, "let go, and let God." 
Well, God and I spoke about that Sunday. And giving that over, and giving up my shadow of attempted control has done wonders for my outlook on the situation. The Lord spoke to my heart and told me BE is perfect, he IS the way I made him, and he is this way for MY purposes. I really don't want to waste my energy trying to fight God on that one. So now I am taking the advice that a mentor friend gave me. Everyday, I make it a point to THANK the Lord for BE, just as he IS, instead of hassling God and giving into the voice of my fears. I am determined to "let go, and let God". And I trust that He will lead me to the right doctors/specialists/evaluations/diagnosis for our family.
I always thank the Lord for the blessing of both BE and PE, and now I am learning a valuable lesson in how to deal with control issues. I guess its true that having children teaches you more about life than you ever imagined.. and that having a "rare breed" is a blessing all in itself.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

In Memorial

In memorial of my grandfather that  I never met, Mr. Ray Gargus. Thank you to my grandfather (my mother's dad) for your service in the army. For the fighting you did for our country. For the part you played in ensuring our freedom. I never got to meet you, you passed away long before I was born. But I honor you every year this weekend for the sacrifice you made. For your family, for my family, for the lives my children are allowed to live today. Thank you, Grandpa Gargus.

Friday, May 27, 2011


Well today was the cousin playdate and it was loads of fun! Lunch at McDonald's, then a couple hours of play at our house. Of course when it came time for playdoh BE had to have BLUE or he wouldn't play.... imagine that!
Talked with my sister about BE and my concerns about his behavior "quirks"... she agrees with the pediatrician, that having him re-evaluated for spectrum and/or intelligence tesing is a good idea. Just so I know how to deal with my one-of-a-kind Elephant.
Daddy and I have a date tonite, with a bonifide babysitter coming over and everything. I can't remember the last time my hubby took me out on a Friday.
We are having a "progressive dinner"... appetiser at one place, main at another, and dessert at our fav ice cream shop.. just for fun, and to get "out" of the "Zoo" for awhile.
I adore my Elephants, but Mama is ready to hit the town!! :)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sneezy Trunk

Poor Blue Elephant... such bad allergies this time of year! I took him to the pediatrician (what a God-send to have a wonderful ped!!) who switched his meds and we are hoping that will alleviate some of BE's symptoms! Summer is official, and today we had an old friend visit, tomorrow we will have our first of numerous "cousins" playdates, and we are also going to farmer's market! LOVE the FM!! Both BE and PE love to get a 25cent honey stick from this sweet older couple that run a honey booth... every friday from May til Oct we are there  for our blue and purple honey sticks... basically looks like a pixie stick but the plastic straw is full of flavored honey. Simple pleasures, but building fun memories for my kids!

Speaking of allergies, I have heard that its possible for an allergic child to build up an immunity to an animal if they have it from a young age. Well one of our friends is giving away cats, and we are thinking of taking the plunge to see what may happen... hopefully a kitty would be small enough to not scare PE who has an animal fear. I guess if we decide to do it, we will see what the little elephants think, first... maybe a kitty preview....

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Growing Like Elephants

Today is my blue elephant's last day of preschool. He came home sugared up from a party and ready to be entertained. Here comes summer, ready or not! I'm excited to get underway with lots of outside and water play times, (appropriately sunscreened and hatted, yes) and to do countless art projects, library trips, friend playdates, sandbox clean up, etc etc.

What I am NOT ready to face is the idea that my blue elephant will now be heading toward Kindergarten. And also that my (littlest) pink elephant will be turning 3!! Why can't the sweet ones just stay LITTLE? I think that maybe alot of the fear is in facing homeschooling for BE and preschool for PE. I'm all for playtime to continue on to infinity, but the practical part of me knows they are growing up, whether I want it to happen or NOT!

These "little" days are passing so swiftly away before my very eyes. I better get off the computer and start snapping pictures like a mad woman, lest I look up to find them both teenagers!