Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Autumn Blur

As I write, its November 1st!! ...Does anyone else feel like you blinked and the year was all but gone? My kids are in the kitchen, stuffing their mouths with Halloween candy. (and after the timer goes off, the candy goes bye-bye and it doesn't return!) .....anyway, its our "day off" in the week, so I have a few minutes to sit down and breathe. I've got so many great pictures of all the fun we had this month, it was time to blog. (On time, for once! lol) So, let us begin......

A fellow homeschooling mama organized a trip to the local fire hall at the beginning of October. (I feel that if I were a more aware mother/teacher I would have already known that Oct was fire safety month...oh, well.)  There was quite a large group there that day, but since I've not asked permission from fellow moms, you'll only see my kiddos throughout this post...

The firehouse tour was a lot of fun... my elephants really enjoyed themselves.

As I mentioned earlier, we have a "day off" once a week. With Daddy Elephant's new work schedule, Thursdays are now like our Saturdays. We spend the whole day together, doing something as a family. One of our Thurs activities this month was our annual "Leaf Walk". We are blessed to live in a beautiful park of the country, with some great local parks. Autumn is my favorite season, so every chance I get to be outside soaking it in, I'm game! Here we are on our walk...enjoy the wonderful fall scenery!
I love the above picture...sweet memory for me. :)
And these following pictures....well, I just want to freeze these moments in time. Why can't my elephants just stay this age? So delightful!
What did we do with all the pretty leaves we collected? Crafts, of course!! I showed the kid mulitple things we could do using leaves and pinecones. Then, we decorated our dining area for the fall!

We also got the chance to go to a corn maze/fall festival with some great friends....the kids had a great time!

We tried out trick-or-treating for the first time this year... our first stop was Grandma and Palpa's house!
The elephants had some snacks, and photo ops of their costumes before we headed out to gather loot...

(Yes, it was chilly, and Pink Elephant is getting over an illness, so we had to incorporate a hood into the fairy princess costume!)
Of course we balanced out all the fun of October with some learning....
Our Daniel Boone craft while we studied KY was a coon-skin cap!

Its hard to believe that Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner!  Happy Autumn, from our herd to yours!

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