Monday, May 27, 2013

We Be Jammin'.... heehee

It's strawberry season!! We met up with some friends for berry picking, and naturally, we HAD to make jam with our yummy fruit.
It was a beautiful day for berry picking.... slightly overcast and just a little breezy. Not too hot, not too sunny. Just right!
Strawberry freezer jam is one of our favorite things. It's really quite easy to make; give it a go!
Mash 'em. 
 Mash 'em good.
 Stir the pectin and sugar mix. Note: be sure to buy the "freezer pectin" not just regular pectin; this is what makes it work without the boiling method!  

 Add to the berries....

 Beautiful red!!
Pour into jars...
Lick the bowl and whisk, of course!!

 Store the jars in the freezer, and begin dreaming of all the delicious ways to use your strawberry freezer jam!!
How we used it on Memorial Day:
Stay tuned for more summertime adventures in the herd! :)


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