Thursday, December 15, 2011

Blue Elephant: A Year In Review

Blue Elephant turns FIVE today! Here are the highlights of your "fourth" year in picture review:
First Viewing of Star Wars: A New Hope, complete with popcorn. Daddy Elephant was delighted to share this with you!

Second year of Cubbies in the church Awana program begins. You LOVE "Earn E. Elephant" (surprising, I know! lol)

Your first day of Kindergarten! Blue Elephant, I was met with alot of raised eyebrows when I decided to homeschool you, and when we started you at FOUR. BUT you are excelling!

Building your "new" red big boy bed with Daddy... men and thier tools! You love this bed, and are proud to be growing up!

First Predators Hockey Game as a family. You and Pink Elephant had alot of fun. You are acting silly for the picture, of course!

We spend alot of time creating imaginative toys/pretending at our house. Here, you and Pink Elephant are playing Firefighters in a repurposed box!

We love to bake and make cookies! Here you are making "mini fall leaves"... I think between you and your little sister, half the cookies got eaten before they made it to the oven!

You are growing so fast, it is hard to believe that you are already 5 years old, today! We love you, Blue Elephant!! Happy Birthday!!

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