Saturday, January 28, 2012

Circus Tales

We took the herd on the road this past Thursday evening. Thats right, the circus was in town, and we got to go! Thanks to the local public library, both of our kids read 10 books and each received a voucher for a free ticket. Plus, we attended on opening night, which was half-price. So essentially, the 4 of us went for the price of one admission! Gotta love a great deal! :)
Maybe when I become even more blog savvy (because I have LOADS o' free time!) I will post some pics of the trip. Of course, our seats were a bit high up and far away, so they weren't the best quality. But I am NOT complaining, I assure you!
I was so certain that BE would love seeing the elephants the most. But, every time, that lil guy throws me for a loop. What was he the MOST excited about? The horses, of all things! I'm sure that the elephant interest has not's still thriving.
I enjoyed the elephants the most, I have to say!
It was amazing to watch them "sit" on the giant stools, "dance" and "go to sleep".
The elephants looked like somebody was inside thier baggy skin, trapped under layers of gray wrinkles, just trying to find a split in the seam so they could break free. When they would move around, their skin would follow. Nowhere near as sleek and fit as the tigers, or as muscled and precise as the horses.
But it was the elephants I enjoyed the most.
Because I can relate to them.
I lumber through life, i go through the motions I have been "trained" to perfect, I perform my duties diligently.
But still, I feel that somewhere inside of me there is another creature altogether just groping aound, checking and rechecking the fabric of my suit, struggling to break free, to be released from the baggy excess that weighs me down.
Is it a longing to be free from my responsibilities? No, I don't think so.
Prehaps its that bit of me that belongs to HIM, that simply feels the rub sometimes, the not-belonging-here-on-earth longing for heaven.
Once I get Home where HE is, I think my skin will fit just right.
This was a circus post.
The circus made me long for Heaven.
Sometimes, the way my mind works.... its beyond me.

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