Saturday, January 14, 2012

What a Difference the Word Makes

If you homeschool, then you know what it is to have an "off" day in the classroom. Okay, lets face it, if you are a parent at all, you know what it means to have an "off" day!!
Homeschooling is wonderful. It is richly rewarding, it is full of discovery, challenge, lightbulb moments of learning, and that is just on the parent's end of things... I love homeschooling. I adore being a mother. But like any "career" in life, I have hard days at "work".  What a difference the Word makes.
Today I said to myself "oh, yay, I DON'T have to teach today!". (It's Saturday!!) I am grateful for the 2 day break from school, each weekend. It affords me time to refresh, plan, rest up, and prepare for the week ahead.
Today's Bible reading was just what I needed. Surprise, surprise! (If you are a believer, you know what I mean; the Word is truely alive and active, and God speaks to our present moment through it.)
In Psalm 119:25-32, I found my refreshment. I prefer the NLT version, so it may read differently than your Bible:

I lie in the dust;
revive me by your word.
I told you my plans, and you answered.
Now teach me your decrees.
Help me understand the meaning of
your commandments,
and I will meditate on your
wonderful deeds.
I weep with sorrow;
encourage me by your word.
Keep me from lying to myself;
give me the privilege of knowing
your instructions.
I have chosen to be faithful;
I have determined to live by your
I cling to your laws.
Lord, don't let me be put to shame!
I will pursue your commands,
for you expand my understanding. 

How I needed this today! And of course He knew, He always knows. After an "off" day, this calling of homeschool can be discouraging, disheartening. But I know where to turn when I need to be lifted "out of the dust" and "revived by the Word"... Even when I am sorrowful, even when it is mind-numbingly difficult to be a parent, even when it seems nothing is going right, still I will cling to Lord my Savior, in who's commands I find my strength.
For I have chosen to be faithful. I will meditate on His wonderful deeds, I will count my blessing, I will find my solace and my refreshment in the Lord my God.
Thank you, Lord. Every word of the Scripture is able to speak right to the heart of my need, right at the moment I long for understanding.
I understand anew that I am called to these precious little ones, I am to teach them not only the ABC's but also the love of the Lord. I cannot, MUST not lean on my own strength and understanding to get through.
Lord, keep me from lying to myself about parenting. It is impossible to BE a Godly parent without Your strength, it is impossible to raise Godly children without Your direction and leadership. I cannot do this on my own, I would be foolish even to try!
And so, "I cling to your laws. Lord, don't let me be put to shame! I will pursue YOUR commands, for YOU expand my understanding."
What a difference the Word makes! 

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  1. I'm always very much in awe of those who homeschool. I think it would offer many challenges, but rewards as well. :-)