Wednesday, March 7, 2012

It's Come To My Attention

It's come to my attention that my kids need to come to my attention. Yes, go back and read that. It does make sense. In fact, it's invaluable advice to my life right now.
They NEED me.
Undivided, undistracted, unrestricted. Unhurried. Unworried. Not preoccupied.
They NEED me. They need me to focus.
They need eye contact.
They need me to slooooooow it down, and listen.
Really listen.
Last evening, I spent some truely focused time with my son.
And it was eye-opening.
He is quite the sweetheart, when I stop to realize it.
It might be important to get dinner on the table, to finish those phone conversations on a coherant thought, to get to the doctor's office on time.
But its also -vitally- important to listen to the ABC's song for the zillionth time, to let it go to voicemail and call back after bedtime, to build in an extra 10 minutes before we scramble for the door so no one is hurried and rushed and snapping.
Its vital to grab that kid by the messy hands and dance in a circle.
Its vital to attend to the REAL needs of today, this moment, RIGHT NOW.
In ten years, when they are 15 and 13 (oh, my...) will my kids KNOW, without a shadow of a doubt that THEY are the most important part of my day?
Will they feel as if their accomplishments and opinions are worth being noted?
Who determines how their self- worth plays out?
Who can most effectivly boulster it NOW?
Yes, I am busy. You are busy.
Busy busy busy.
Doing what?
Living? Providing? Buying? Consuming?
Theres a difference between providing for a child's basics and providing for a child's heart.
Stop, slow down, perk up, make eye contact, embrace. Listen.
Be HERE. Be present.
The world can wait.
Children and their hearts live in the present.
Meet them where they are.
Show them your love.
Give them your attention.
Being in the same room or at the same table is not necessarily quaility time.
Actively engage your kids.
Be intentional.
Start today.

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