Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Variety

I love summertime. It has taken on a whole new element of relaxation for me since we began our homeschool journey. I am SO glad its summer, and there's NO SCHOOL! Don't get me wrong... I love teaching, and I am excited to officially begin applying myself to teaching Pink Elephant for PreK as well as returning to teaching my Blue Elephant for 1st grade. (Wow, it makes me feel like he is growing so quickly..but he won't be 6 till the middle of the school year.) Summer has left me with a bit more time for new pursuits.
I have started a fun weekly playdate @ the local parks with some other homeschooling families, and am making new friends from it. I am enjoying storytime @ the library every Thursday morning. I am doing fun pinterest crafts and recipes with the kids and for the hubby. I read a great book series (Mark of the Lion, Francine Rivers...I highly recommend it!) and have plans to read some other great books before the fall. I am teaching myself the sewing machine, and having a blast! (Pink Elephant is my little much fun!)
I am making time for my friends through playdates and lunch dates. I am looking forward to a friend's upcoming birth of her third child. I think I am almost as excited to meet little one as the family is! :) 
We are exploring a new church and finding our way into new ministries and opportunities there. I can tell the Lord is giving me courage; I have never been so at ease about meeting new people as I have been this summer. (Thank You, Lord, for Your help in that area.)
We are very, very excited that Pink Elephant's 4th birthday is coming up! On July 8th, we are hosting a fun "Four 'Round the 4th" themed party for her. Lots of "pinteresting" ideas going into that one! :) Not as excited about my impending 31st birthday... but so far, I have enjoyed where my 30s are taking me.
Looking forward to Blue Elephant's official swim lessons this next week. He is such a little fish, I am excited with him about his learning more...I bet he will be out of that floaty-vest before summer is out!
There is a LOT going on around here....but at the same time, there have been (and will be!) lots of "lazy days" filled with sprinklers, popsicles, and Disney movie-athons. I am giving my elephants the kind of summer I loved as a kid. And in the process, taking advantage of every minute of the "break" from our regularly scheduled school days!! :)
 Happy Summer, from our herd to yours!

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