Friday, January 25, 2013

A Wintertime Storybook Series

For the new semester, our reading activities are coming from a fun resource I bought at a yardsale. "Story Stretchers" is designed for the preschool group, but I'm adapting it to suit both my K4 and my 1st grade elephants. Right now, we are using the unit on "wintertime" books. And having a blast......
We began with the book "Chicken Soup With Rice"
So naturally, we made soup!
First we gathered ingrediants.
Then we chopped (safely!)

added spices
got annoyed with our brother
stirred.....and stirred...
turned on the crockpot....and waited....
At last, lunch time!

It was a hit! :)

This week's book was "Something Is Going to Happen".... all about the first snowfall of the winter.
In the book, the mother wakes early and decides to make muffins for breakfast.
So we made GFCF "berry-corn muffins"....
I did not get any "creation process" pictures this time, as we were very involved in what we were doing..... but the end result sure tasted good on the way into the oven!
While we waited on the muffins to bake, we re-read the book (and licked the bowl some MORE!)
Finished product!
We had breakfast for dinner, including our homemade muffins....
They were yummy!


We have been able to study fractions and measurements, as well as home-ec, cooperation, fine-motor skills, and reading practice....all from some soup and muffins!
I am looking forward to more fun as our "wintertime" reading unit continues!
I sure do love homeschool!!! 



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