Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Eating the Earth

I like to have a good time. (Just ask my friends; I love to laugh.) 
 So today we dressed in Hawaiian clothes, just for the fun of it!

 We are really enjoying our Continents Study this year. Today we identified the 7 continents (new for Pink Elephant, review for Blue Elephant) and talked about the dividing lines of the Earth.
We found these white-board style maps at the Target dollar spot!
 B.E. reviewing his labeling....
I like how anywhere is a good place to do our work......
 P.E. unscrambling the names of the continents.
 It took her a little while longer, but she did great on it.
 It never hurts to stretch their minds a bit.... :)

Coloring our world maps! 

She gets pretty serious about coloring.....
We were all getting hungry for lunch during this subject,
 so we headed downstairs to complete the work....
Time to divide the Earth!
 Northern/Southern Hemisphere (learning about the Equator).

Where do WE live? 
 Eastern/Western Hemisphere dividing line.
  (My Blue Elephant has nick-named it, the "Optimus" Prime Meridian.)

A little almond butter, and the Earth is pretty tasty....
In other news, Blue Elephant has started
 a new writing curriculum this year.
'Write On' has already captured his imagination and attention.
 (Thank You, Lord!)
Today he put his "picture words" into a story
 all about a tiny fish, a COLOSSAL squid, and a sleepy shark.

It's only our third day back at school, and already we are having a blast!
 Looking forward to more fun.
 Maybe we should dress in themes more often.....

Yes!! ;)
Thanks for stopping by the Hawaiian herd.


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