Thursday, August 1, 2013

Third Time's The Charm.... ?

It's coming.
The pencils have been sharpened.
 The notebooks and glue sticks have been bought.
 The curriculum has been agonized over, chosen, (some written!) and obtained.
The desks stand ready to receive pint-sized bottoms.
 The white board is erased and ready for action.
 The teacher's desk is a mess. (Nothing new there!)
The reading corner has been revamped.
New, fun easy readers are stashed to entice little blue eyes across their pages.
Extra-curricular activities have been scheduled.
Field trips have been factored in.
Loose schedules have been drawn up.
Desperate prayers have been sent up.
Because it's coming.
And it's almost here.
Homeschooling: year 3.
Hitting our herd: this Monday.

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