Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Everything and Nothing

It's been awhile since I've written here.
Life is flowing right along....everything is happening quickly, each day is jammed with more than I can accomplish.
I'm doing everything.
And nothing.
The house needs to be cleaned.
The laundry needs to be washed.
The dishes....yep.
The kids need to be driven to activities.
Bath times.
Bed times.
School times.
Dinner times.
I'm doing everything.
And nothing.
Recently, exciting things have happened for a large number of people in my life.
And here I sit.
Doing everything.
Every day.
Right along.
Like clockwork.
For my kids.
For the house.
For the husband.
For the Lord.
I've felt a bit 'eh'...and I couldn't put my finger on the reason.
I am beyond happy for the people who's lives are taking shape, whose days have changed radically, who have begun exciting new chapters on their journeys.
I'm genuinely glad for them all.
So why the 'eh' ?
I've been studying a book for a few weeks.
It talked about practicing the presence of the Lord.
In the midst of the mundane.
In the middle of the dusting.
While stirring the scrambled eggs.
While pairing the socks.
But you see, I've been doing everything.
And in the midst of that everything, me and God?
Well, I've been doing
Time to get back to basics.
Time to rise and shine, cup of coffee, Word of God, moments of quiet.
Because without Him,
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