Wednesday, April 2, 2014

It's That Month Again

It's April. You know, Autism Awareness Month.
Today is April 2nd, the official "day" to celebrate awareness.
 I'm aware, trust me.
 He's our Blue Elephant, and he was diagnosed in the fall of 2012.
 September 11, 2012, to be exact.

(Our family in November of 2013, the day both Blue and Pink were baptized. )
Everyday, we are "aware" of Autism, and how it affects our lives.
Everyday, we continue to be thankful for our boy.
(Being the Statue of Liberty on our "Freedom Day" in homeschool last month.)
Everyday, we see the little things that most people miss.
(The sensory stimulation of cramming his mouth full of food every time he eats because he likes the way it makes his jaw work harder.)
Everyday, we have to get creative to help him navigate life.
(Schooling outside at the park, doing multiplication problems with chalk on the sidewalk.)
Just two examples of little "quirks" our Blue Elephant has.
Oh sure, sometimes B.E. has meltdowns in public, and we have to deal with them. But it's done in the midst of staring eyes or judgmental thoughts.  
I don't think many people understand the root of a meltdown.
There's the not-so-fun-side of Autism that few people few people "get" it. Unless you're living in an Autism family. Then, I know you get it. :)
Autism doesn't keep our boy down, or hold him back.
He's an amazing kid, and just because his road is a tougher one than most, doesn't mean we're discounting him at all.
Far from it.
He's got big dreams, and we've got high hopes.
(Blue Elephant during President's Day...this is his "presidential pose".)
Blue Elephant for president? Who knows..... for this kid, the sky's the limit!!
Happy Autism Awareness (Day) Month
from our herd to yours!

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