Monday, April 7, 2014

I'm In Love With Somebody With Autism

I don't wake up everyday and think
"Oh, yay, today I get to spend the day with my "Neuro-typical Daughter"
and my "Autistic Son."
I think "Where's the coffee?"
 That was a joke. Sort of.
What I mean is, I don't wake up every morning focusing on the presence of Autism in our lives.
I wake up, and live.
I wake up to two beautiful (crazy) little elephants.
I wake up to adventure.
(This would be Timon and Pumba...ha!)
I wake up to chores to accomplish.
(Nothing says a made bed like your sister showing off her nails, sitting next to your stuffed animals.)
I wake up, and I live.
I wake up to schoolwork.
I wake up to special occasions and holidays.

I wake up to field trips.
I wake up to Cousin Time days.
(Cracks me up how Blue has his own personal space issues, but invades my bubble ALL the time!)
I wake up to projects.
(The Alps.)
I wake up, and I live. 
I wake up, and I love my elephants.
I love them because they are mine.
I love them for their uniqueness, their individuality, their spunk, and their ways of looking at the world.
I don't love Blue Elephant because he has Autism.
But I am in love with a little guy who makes my world come alive, and he happens to have Autism, too.
I'm in love with somebody with Autism.

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