Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Days of the Princess

One of the things that I love the most about being a SAHM is that I am here to witness all the cuteness that my children manufacture every day. Right now, both BE and PE are really into dressing up. Today i had lunch with a princess at the table. (A cast-off Easter hat, warped out of shape, a fluffy pink tutu, and bejeweled slippers from the Dollar Tree). My daughter is sooooo girly and adores pink. Its really quite cute! :)
My Blue Elephant is really into being a Super Hero these days. Although, sometimes he is a human, and sometimes he is an elephant. (I personally would LOVE to see a flying elephant, other than Dumbo). I absolutely must get to work on a cape for BE. Right now he uses a backwards child-sized apron from Lowes. The cats always chase the strings on it as he runs, and I can just invision him being choked! (oh, the random things the good old mom brain can come up with to worry about!)
I am so behind right now! Normally by this time of year, I have both Halloween costumes finished and ready for the end of next month. (Some people call me an over-achiever, but I prefer to think of it as anal). I am certain this year PE will go as "Belle", since anything less than Princess is unimaginable. BE will be going as "Super J"... I just have to get his costume together.
All that rambling to say, I truely love the days of the Princess in my house, because I know these times of innocent pretend are swiftly passing with each day. How I love being here, being present, and being privileged to observe the sweetness (and craziness) of my elephants! :)

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