Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Pair for Life

Traditionally, Elephants in the wild do not become lifetime mates. The woman elephant (why oh WHY did they have to name them "cows"??) will have babies by multiple male elephants throughout her life. Well, bedhopping just isnt my thing, so I got married. (Haha, its a joke, calm down...)
Today is my 6th anniversary married to the wonderful Daddy Elephant of our little herd.... and I am so very very thankful for the one that God gave me!
My hubby is everything that I ever dreamed of, and more....
He works hard so that we can realize our desire to have me stay home with the Elephants, he doesnt complain about it, either, he will help around the house without even being asked, he is a very present and involved daddy, he loves his kids so much and tells them both daily, he tells me he loves me mulitiple times a day, he truely values my opinion, he is very affectionate, he is so fun to be around, with a great sense of humor, he loves my family and accepts them as his own, he is caring, he listens, he cuddles, he thinks of little ways to make me smile, he sticks by me in the rough times, he chooses me over the world's opinions everyday, he is a man after God's own heart, he is willing to serve at church, he is great with all kids, he is easy to talk to, he is a leader in our home, he has intelligent and wonderful ideas about our life and how our family should face the world, he is compassionate to the needs and hurts of others, (I am really trying to see how long I can make one run-on sentence!lol)...
My hubby is the greatest!! I truely mean that, its not just flattery. He has stuck by me through alot ALOT of difficult times, and ALOT of opposition in our lives! There are those that wish he and I were not married, but he tells me everyday that he loves me and he is glad we are together for life.... me too, honey, me too!
If you are married, you KNOW it comes with its own challenges and heartaches and difficult times! You know you wonder sometimes how on earth you found yourself in the life you lead... but even on THOSE days, I KNOW that my husband was chosen for my by the Lord.
You see, theres a little story that we dont share with everyone, cause some people just wouldnt believe it...
One night, very early into our dating relationship, we were attending a college Bible study. We were all asked to walk around the sanctuary before it began and pray for that night's study time. Well, the boyfriend and I split up and went to opposite sides of the room, and did our own praying.
While I was knelt down talking to God about the study, it was clear as a bell in my mind and heart that the Lord said "you are going to marry him, for I have chosen him for you."
Well, THAT was off topic for the prayer and totally out of left-field, I was a bit surprised....
Later that night after the Bible study (which was awesome!) we were driving home together, and it was an interesting conversation in that SUV.
Boyfriend clears his throat, and says "So, God kind of told me something tonite."
My heart started pounding... "God told me something, too," I said. "But, you go first."
I did NOT want to look like one of those crazy Christian girls who says "oh, God says we are getting married!"....
Boyfriend stammers around for awhile (I know now he was afraid of scaring me...) and said "It was the clearest I've ever heard God speak to me about anything..... He said we are supposed to get married. He has chosen you for me."
TRUE story, ladies and gentlemen!!!!
Of course, I was in awe... we actually heard from the Lord, on the same nite, same place, same time, same room, independently from eachother's thoughts, that we are MEANT for eachother!!
Doesn't get much more amazing than that!
THAT is the foundational reason I return to when the waves of tough times come crashing against our union... the Lord Himself called us to be married, it is His plan for our lives for us to stick together and be husband and wife.
So today, September 10, 2011, I celebrate the day we made our vows official, and followed the Lord's direction. And it is clear to me every day that my Hubby, the Daddy Elephant of this herd, is truely meant for me, and the biggest blessing in my life...
I am committed, now and forever!
I love my hubby!!! :) He is my lifemate! :)

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