Tuesday, October 18, 2011


it helps in life to have great friends. and i am so very, very thankful for the wonderful ones that i can call my own.
there are some people who are meant to be in your life, because the Lord knew before you were born that you would need them. they are the ones who always listen, always give a needed hug, who are ready with a word of encouragement and are willing to admonish you if you need it. they are not ashamed of you, will stand up and call you a friend to the world, and will stand by you when the world tears you down.
i am blessed, very blessed, to have these kinds of friends in my life.
because they more than make up for the pushing and shoving and judging this world hands out.
i am very, very thankful for real, authentic, life-long friends.
without them, it would be easy to give into the idea that what i do and who i am is not important. good friends are a reminder that i am valued, i am loved, and i am appreciated. respected, even. and that, my real friends, is refreshing.
if you are my real friend, you know this shout-out is for you. i got your back, and you've got mine. thanks, buddy! <3

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