Tuesday, October 25, 2011


my elephants are currently 3 and 4. they are of the age when nighttime is a toss-up. in the last month, someone has cried out nearly every night, almost always because of "bad dreams". as i type this, there is a short blonde beauty dozing in my lap, after yet another "bad dream". I do not know if its just the time of year (even Super Why has Halloween themes right now) or if its just a phase that happened to hit us in October. We are generally really careful about what they are exposed to television and media-wise.
all that to say, its been a nightmare festival around here lately for the poor elephants.
I know right now that i can draw them up into my arms and cradle, rock, cuddle and sing away these nightmares for my elephants. In the morning, the world is right again, and its time to play. the shadows of the night are forgotten.
Its the nightmares of life that i know i am almost powerless to protect my elephants against that keep ME up at night.
what about my kids being bullied? what about my daughter's self-esteem? what about thier choices regarding drugs and sex?
oh they are so little right now, why worry about those things?
if you are a parent, you have worried about them, too.
what if they get married and it ends in a messy divorce and they are heartbroken?
what if they reject the ideals of Christianity we are raising them to embrace?
what if they are in a horrible car accident and are permanently injured?
what if? what if? NOT MY CHILD...
but, what if?
what if the nightmares that we fear for our children really do come to pass?
what will we do?
what will I do?
what would you do?
thank God there is hope for us to have peace in Jesus Christ!
HE is the one who will keep us in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Him.
I do not have to worry about the nightmare list of "what ifs" for my children, because I know the Lord is watching over them both.
I know I cannot prevent anything from happening to them.
But i know that if and when it does, i am not going to walk through it alone.
when both my elephants were just weeks old, they were dedicated to the Lord.
No, thats not salvation for them, that is their own choice to make. (but this is not a theology lesson).
when Daddy Elephant and i dedicated our children, we made the commitment that their lives were in His Hands. He knows what is going to happen to those elephants, we don't. We are just along for the ride, so to speak.
If and when the nightmares of life happen to our children, I know the first place i can turn is the my Abba Father, and ask Him to please pick us up in His strong arms and rock us, fill us with His comfort.
But for now, i will take holding PE in my arms and rocking, bringing an innocent lovely one peace that all is well.
He is in control.
All is well.

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