Thursday, November 24, 2011

Battle of the Needles

It's on, my little green plastic enemies.
Battle of the needles, 2011, has begun...
Daddy Elephant and I put up the Christmas tree yesterday... and out they marched.
The thousands.. tens of thousands... of  1 inch, jolly green static-cling-enabled carpet huggers.
They swarmed from the box, desperate to hide inside my living room.
i think they have contests to see who can "stick around" the longest.
Daddy Elephant vacuumed everything up last night... but i am dead certain that there are "die-hard" troops in carpet foxholes laying in wait for my groans during housecleaning, long after the tree has been tucked away and warm weather has returned.
i think the record holding needle from Christmas 2010 was the single green goblin i found in september... really, needle, september??
I am certain that the parade of the greenery will be a constant battle this season, as not only are the two little elephants touching all over the shrub, but the felines are getting curious and reckless already.
I'm half expecting to hear the tree come crashing down overnight any day now.
Maybe then all excess needles will relinquish their hold on the tree, and i can vacuum them all away... maybe there wont be a grand war with multiple battles this Christmas season.... yeah, right. who am i kidding? I'm already steeling myself to find those rouge pointed soldiers come July.... beware my little friends, i've got a hoover and im not afraid to use it!!

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