Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Blueberry Summer

We went back to our new favorite pick-your-own farm this morning. We were after blueberries and possibly blackberries. God was after so much more.

They give you these cool picking buckets that strap around your waist so you have both hands free to pick berries.

Hubby was interested in finding blackberries more than the blueberries, so he took Blue Elephant and headed over to the other patch. That left Pink Elephant and I to pick and talk while the men were gone.  
"I want to share the berries with the birds, Mama." 
 "Well, then leave the ones that aren't ready yet on the bush, and after we are gone and the berries are ripe, the birds will have those."
 "Isn't it pretty out here, PE? All the bushes full of yummy berries for us to eat? It reminds me of the garden of Eden."
 " Yes, with Adam and Eve. And then the serpent came and tricked them, and God said they had to leave the Garden and--" Pink Elephant launched into the Bible story, with every single fact in place.
To tell the truth, I was a little surprised how much she had retained!
 I asked her what sin was; she told me. I asked her about Heaven, the cross, and Jesus' love. She answered all my questions. I asked her how she gets to Heaven.
 "Pray and ask forgiveness and ask Jesus to live with me in my heart." 
 " That's right, baby girl. Have you prayed like that before?"
  "Would you like to pray about that?"
 "Would you like to pray here, right now?"
 "Okay, you go ahead, Mama will listen." 
 That little Elephant sat down her blueberry basket, clasped her hands under her chin and prayed. "Dear God, I'm sorry for disobeying and for sin. Will you forgive me? I want Jesus to be in me. Amen." 
 Hugs. Tears on my part, and THIS, this beautiful smile from my Pink Elephant.

When I asked her how she felt now, she said "Really, really GOOD!"
I pulled out my cell phone, called Daddy, and he didn't pick up. I went back to crying, (quietly!) but Pink Elephant wasn't done praying!
 "Mama, I want to pray and thank God for all the pretty bushes!"
 "Okay, honey, you go right ahead!"
 I could listen to the prayers of that new creation all day long!!
 "God, thank You for the bushes and the berries and all the yummy fruits and foods You give us. Amen." 
 Thank You, indeed, Father, for the fruit of Your Spirit welling up inside of my beloved Pink Elephant this morning. We were after blueberries and blackberries....You were after So. Much. More. Daddy Elephant called me back. I handed the phone to PE and said "Tell Daddy what just happened, girl!"
"Daddy, I'm a Christian!"
I could hear excited exclaiming from the phone.
I talked to my husband. We both cried! He and BE headed back from the blackberry patch, and Pink Elephant ran to meet him down the row of bushes. My husband grabbed my baby girl in his arms. I'm telling you, my heart was fuller in that moment than it was the day he held her when she was born to this earth. Now our Little Love has been born for Heaven! We got back to the business of picking after awhile, and I guess the excitement put me into hyper-drive. We picked about 10lbs of berries, and I'm pretty sure 8 of those were my doing!

More pictures of my cuties.

 Taking home our haul.

Ever wonder what happened to poor Daddy Elephant's quest for some blackberries?
They weren't *quite* ready, yet. We are planning on going back to pick again next week. The bit he did manage to pick? Well, somebody turned that into a blackberry cobbler. 

Which Daddy Elephant took to work for dinner tonight. Yes, all of it!! ;)

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