Sunday, July 21, 2013

Tea for Two, and Two for Tea... Me for You, and You for Me

The book was getting REALLY good...... I estimated that I had about 40 pages left. Just about to the point where all the characters' story lines collided, and I got to see the loose ends tied up. The 3rd shift hubby was sleeping, the elephants were upstairs playing quietly.
Then I heard it.
I looked up from the book. There stood Pink Elephant at the bottom of the stairs, hands full and eyes hopeful.
"Yes, baby?"
"Would you like to have a tea party with me?" she asked, brandishing Disney Princess dishes.
I hesitated.
"You know," she continued, " because we are both girls!"
How do you deny THAT cute statement?!
The smile that lights up me heart lit up her face.
"OKAY!! I got the Belle plates, you know, because we both love Belle! Do you want the pink plate, or the purple plate?"
"Purple!! You set the table, Pink Elephant, and I'll get the tea made!"
Plastic and ceramic tea set odds and ends, one Keurig cycle and a decaf teabag, some sugar and almond milk, and we were all set.
British accents (on my part) birthday rehashing (on her part) and conversations about the weather abounded. Big brother wandered in, and then fetched another cup for himself. Sure, there's room for more elephants at the tea party. And of course what's a tea party without treats?! Diced GF brownies, cup after teaspoon-sized cup of sugary tea, smiles, laughs, and goofy voices with silly questions.
That book has yet to be finished.....I am aiming for the minute they are tucked in bed tonight to pick it up again. I'm so thankful I decided to put it down, and pursue what mattered.
This time, the chance wasn't lost, the opportunity didn't pass me by. The tea for two (and then three) happened. And you know what?
 It filled our cups; the plastic ones with tea, the heart-shaped ones with memories.
I love my elephants.

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