Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sneezy Trunk

Poor Blue Elephant... such bad allergies this time of year! I took him to the pediatrician (what a God-send to have a wonderful ped!!) who switched his meds and we are hoping that will alleviate some of BE's symptoms! Summer is official, and today we had an old friend visit, tomorrow we will have our first of numerous "cousins" playdates, and we are also going to farmer's market! LOVE the FM!! Both BE and PE love to get a 25cent honey stick from this sweet older couple that run a honey booth... every friday from May til Oct we are there  for our blue and purple honey sticks... basically looks like a pixie stick but the plastic straw is full of flavored honey. Simple pleasures, but building fun memories for my kids!

Speaking of allergies, I have heard that its possible for an allergic child to build up an immunity to an animal if they have it from a young age. Well one of our friends is giving away cats, and we are thinking of taking the plunge to see what may happen... hopefully a kitty would be small enough to not scare PE who has an animal fear. I guess if we decide to do it, we will see what the little elephants think, first... maybe a kitty preview....

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