Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Growing Like Elephants

Today is my blue elephant's last day of preschool. He came home sugared up from a party and ready to be entertained. Here comes summer, ready or not! I'm excited to get underway with lots of outside and water play times, (appropriately sunscreened and hatted, yes) and to do countless art projects, library trips, friend playdates, sandbox clean up, etc etc.

What I am NOT ready to face is the idea that my blue elephant will now be heading toward Kindergarten. And also that my (littlest) pink elephant will be turning 3!! Why can't the sweet ones just stay LITTLE? I think that maybe alot of the fear is in facing homeschooling for BE and preschool for PE. I'm all for playtime to continue on to infinity, but the practical part of me knows they are growing up, whether I want it to happen or NOT!

These "little" days are passing so swiftly away before my very eyes. I better get off the computer and start snapping pictures like a mad woman, lest I look up to find them both teenagers!

1 comment:

  1. It's just not right that BE is ready for kindergarten so soon. I remember coming to see you in the hospital when he was born! Wait, now that I type that, why is he going to kindergarten? He's not even 5 I'm confused.