Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Best for Them

All I really want in my parenting is to do the best thing for my kids. The hubs and I have made many decisions for the sake of the "best " for these two little Elephants, and I know that many of them go against the flow of the general population...
We are going to homeschool. We enforce vegetables, and dont believe in "picky eaters". We will spank if the situation warrants it (gasp!!). We are doing without alot of "things" for the sake of Daddy spending more time at home, being very present and involved in their lives. We cut out influences we don't agree with (we did not go see Cars 2 based on the needless violence). We are not popular....
But still we press on.
Now, do I think that all of these choices are going to miraculously keep my children from some evil harm? Why would I assume to be that niave? In reality, I know they have friends in public school, and are going to "hear" all the same stuff that the other kids do. I know they will rebel about something, at some point, and that is normal. They do put up a fight about the broccoli at dinner. (they are kids!) They do not appreciate the swats on the bottom for disrespecting us. They have seen movies/t.v. shows we don't approve of. Our kids are in the real world.
But still we press on.
Because in this world of "whats right for me may not be right for you, but thats okay we are both still right".. We still believe in absolute truth. There is THE right, and THE wrong. There is THE truth, and THE false. And embedded in the choices we have made about how we raise our family, the core of it centers around Jesus Christ. NO I AM NOT SAYING that all of our choices are superior. We are homeschooling because we feel its the best educational fit for a too-smart-and-mischevious-for-his-own-good little boy. It happens to work out that we can impliment the Bible and Jesus Christ into our school time, since we have the freedom to do so.
I do NOT think broccoli is going to get them closer to Heaven. But a good nutritional base now increases their chance of having a strong, healthy body for serving the Lord later on.
I do NOT think spanking is for every child, or that the Bible says not doing it everytime is wrong. Some kids are too emotionally sensitive to endure that type of correction.
We don't think we have all THE answers or the FINAL word about how to raise children.
But we do the best for OUR two elephants, because we want to raise them in an environment that upholds Jesus Christ as the Lord and THE answer, and THE truth. And the choices we have made for them are NOT popular. (Trust me, we have gotten lots of comments).
But we press on.
We will do the best for them.
Because He called us to. :)


  1. "We don't think we have all THE answers or the FINAL word about how to raise children."

    Bonny, this is God. I know we spoke the other day, but I have some additional things I wanted to say.

    First, my dear child: Your comment about NOT having all the answers or the FINAL word is so true. You are correct in knowing that absolute truth is out there. In this life, you will never know it completely. The best that you can do is to seek it humbly. By this, I mean with a spirit that recognizes your own human frailties and weaknesses.

    With few exceptions, throughout all history and all places, parents have sought the best for their children. They have done this in diverse ways, many of which are different than your own choices. They have done what has seemed right for their own circumstances. Humility lets go of the presumption that our limited understanding will always resolve to the best choice or bring us closer to the truth. You must constantly reevaluate your decisions and beliefs through maturity, continual searching both in My word and in the counsel of others, and the keeping of an humble attitude.

    Secondly, beloved woman: When you make the statement, "Because in this world of 'whats right for me may not be right for you, but thats okay we are both still right,'" you confuse two meanings of "right." What most people would mean when they use this phrase is that each of your different choices may at once be both acceptable, beneficial, and allowable. This is not a mutually exclusive position as you seem to want it to be. You have incorrectly incorporated the meaning of absolute truth into this phrase. I will allow that some indeed do mean this in an absolute sense, but the majority do not. I have not placed you into this world as the first or the last parents. Many have preceded you and will follow you. You should walk in humility of the wisdom of those who have gone before and in solemn trepidation of the example you will set for those who come after.

    Being ultimately responsible for your children does not make your decisions about them ultimately "right." I have not left you alone in this world. I have placed before you a treasure chest of opportunity to seek wisdom. It begins in My teaching, continues in the Godly counsel of others, and ends in the humbleness of your own heart. Keep seeking after the truth, My child. Though you see darkly as through a mirror, one day you will see Truth face to face. In the meanwhile, grant those who also love you and your children the understanding that they too have an apprehension of the path to Truth.

    I love you,

  2. Hey! Why are you being harsh of Bonny's blog? You try to correct her on absolute truth. Why don't you tell the truth and stop hiding behind a bogus name?