Saturday, July 30, 2011

The end of my youth??

Tomorrow I am turning 30. 
Tomorrow I say good-bye to my 20's and hello to the doorstep toward Middle-Aged Land.
I know most ppl in my life who ARE over 30 are laughing at me, telling me to "come on in, the water's fine!"... I don't really have a choice BUT to come wade into the water.. I can't turn back time (and if it means being Cher, why would I want to?!BUT I digress..)
I have spent 12 months knowing tomorrow would come, and dreading it.
But I haven't been idle with my time.
I've done alot of things that I have wanted to do for years...
I am taking piano lessons, to learn an instrument (and I really enjoy it!)
I am actively trying to learn how to roller-skate! (yes, already fell!)
Yesterday I got a perm for the first time in my life.. and I DO love the way it looks! If I'm gonna get old, at least I can feel beautiful doing it...
You could say I've kinda had a mini-29-yr-old life crisis.
So much of what I have focused on this year has been "before I turn 30"...
But now that day is a mere 11hours away, and I look back over the last 12 months, and you know what??
Twenty-nine was a great year for me!!!
And I stop, catch a breath, think about all the ways I am truely blessed, and know that walking into my 30's,
well, I'm gonna be just fine.
I've found love... the kind that lasts a lifetime...
I've been blessed with these two amazing Elephants to watch and help grow...
I've got the basic necessities of life covered and don't want for anything truely necessary to life....
And most important, I've got my Savior to guide me on my journey.
Yes, I may be saying goodbye to a decade that holds a spectrum of amazing memories (college life, falling in love, marriage, babies, growing spiritually) but I am truely hopeful about the time AHEAD, knowing that "further up and further in," (see C.S. Lewis) is where the greater joy of this journey of life awaits.
I am getting old.
Tomorrow I turn 30...
And I can smile about that!

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  1. Happy, happy 30th! May all those great 20-something milestones be a great foundation for thirty-something adventures. AND living in LA is causing me to firmly and absolutely reject any Cher-esque options--so amen, sister! Love to you.