Friday, June 3, 2011

Elephant Homeschool

BE is already asking "When am I going to be homeschooled?" And I keep telling him not till the fall, when the leaves change. He is adament that he doesn't want PE to go to a year of preschool... "I want PE to stay at home with me and homeschool." I tell him it will only be for one year, and he gets ME (Mama Elephant, not "me" ) all to himself for all of Kindergarten. I've got him sold on the homeschool, he just doesn't seem to want to walk that road alone, sans sister.
I am alot more optimistic about homeschooling BE than I used to be. If there is one way to engage him, to get him to focus, its when we are talking letters and numbers. BE loves to learn, and he soaks it all up so quickly! I really think  this first year is going to be less difficult than I first imagined. Of course, I see the rosy side now... happy, laughing reading together, going to the park for p.e., a trip to the Zoo for science class... all enjoyable. I know theres the "other side" looming just out of sight... the days of "I don't want to!"  "Can I watch a movie instead?" and many concepts that will be brand new and won't fall into place naturally without alot of cooperation on BE's part. I know its going to be tough. And I know its going to be wonderful. And, I know its all going to be worth it!!


  1. I agree with your conclusion wholeheartedly! Right now I'm just enjoying my summer!

  2. We "homeschool" our kids all the time! I know your little means structured homeschool, but you could remind him that life is school and that everyday he wakes up, you and he are learning together about all kids of things! Hugs. My oldest we loosely homeschooled for kindergarten but he really desired to go to "school" away from home for his 1st grade year. It was so hard, but was the right thing for him.