Thursday, June 9, 2011

Down for the Count

It's been going on the whole week.... Monday, PE got sick at breakfast. BE started to throw up around the afternoon. Tues they seemed fine. Wednesday evening we were headed to church, and PE threw up (in the car... ewww). Then again in bed. Today, both kids seem right as rain. Guess who's been under the weather?? Yep, they got me sick! :( Poor hubs had to come home from work this morning to take care of the kiddos, since getting out of the bed made me feel horrible. Hopefully by tomorrow I will be feeling a bit better...this seems to be fast moving.
It's just really frustrating to get out of the bedroom after almost a whole day and look around the house after the hubby has been in charge. It makes me realise all over again that theres certain things only a Mama will keep up with. But I can't really justify complaining, he DID come home from work. He did keep the kids out of the bedroom so I could rest and sleep. He did go across town to get my favorite soup from a great local restaurant. He has been very attentive to help me all day.... I can definitely overlook a few crumbs on the counter and floor, some snack dishes left in the livingroom, toys scattered, no ponytail on PE, etc.
He helped. And he did it in his own Daddy kind of way. Even when I am down for the count, I know the little elephants and the house will be in good hands. I am really thankful for such a great husband!!

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