Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Why the blog?

I've done the linky on Summer Jo's blog, so now I'm answering the question "Why did you start your blog?"

I didn't start blogging because I'm an amazing writer. Not because I support some amazing cause. Not because my family is incrediably unique and amazing. Not because I have something huge to say. I started this blog simply for the fun of sharing about my family and our "adventures" of daily life.
My son, Blue Elephant, absolutely loves elephants. I am not sure why or where the obsession came from, but he draws them, plays with them (uh, toys... we do not own an elephant) wants to BE one, asks if we can get a pet elephant.... its really cute, actually.
I was wracking my brain for a blog name, since I couldn't start without one... and I looked across the room where my son had built the words "Elephant Tales" out of connext (sp) blocks. Yes, he also will build the words out of blocks and spell them out with playdoh as well. (Did I mention he is 4?) If you haven't heard of it, Elephant Tales is the name of a movie... my BE's FAVORITE movie, of course. I thought to myself, "why not 'Elephant Tales'??" He is my "elephant" and these are the "tales" about our lives.
(Naturally, little sister became Pink Elephant to keep up continuity.) And that's about it, that's how my blog got it's name.
 I can't promise any fancy, themed posts or any kind of spiffy give-aways, but I can be honest about our lives. We love God, are beginning homeschool this fall, (excited!!) are very involved at church, and are branching out this year to become what I like to call "a pale shade of green"... we have a small strawbale garden in our yard, and we just started recycling.
I may not lead the most extravagent or amazing life, but I'm quite happy with it! :) I treasure each day with my Elephants.

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  1. I spotted your blog this morning on Believing Boldly. I am joining the Linky to answer the questions like you did! I noticed that we have something in common, we both just started blogging in May! Love your blog! Looking forward to reading more each month! Thanks for sharing!