Monday, June 6, 2011

Trip the the Zoo!

So, yesterday we played hooky from church.... and went to the Zoo for some family time. (Don't judge, the hubby works 6 days a week!!) We had a blast! Aside from the humidity, it was a great trip. We brought plenty of water, though, and stayed hydrated...
BE got to see an elephant, just steps away from us. He was entranced, and I was enchanted watching him! We watched the elephant drink from the pond, itch its foot with the other foot, twitch its tail to get rid of flies, flap its ears to cool off, throw dust and dirt on itself, pick up a huge log with its trunk, eat some hay... I remember all of these actions because I remember the delight on BE's face and his sweet comments of joy. I loved being able to "take the day" and spend time making memories with my two sweet ones.
And, we did go to church last night. Which, I'm assuming, is where PE picked up the bug she has today. Thrown up twice now, can't keep water down... :(   My poor girl, hate it when the babies don't feel well!! Glad that we got to have a good time yesterday, just sad that here we are at Monday and the reality of the inconveniences of life comes to call all over again!
Feel better, PE! And what a grand time we had at the Zoo!! :)

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  1. Oh sounds like a fun family day...minus the sickness! :)