Wednesday, June 29, 2011

running in circles

So for the 3,000 readers that i have (ha ha, minus 2,097) i haven't dropped off the earth, ive just been doing the summer circles dance. you know, the days where you arent sure what happened but its suddenly bedtime and you have spent maybe 45 minutes at home? yeah, thats the dance. we are off and running and doing this and that and "enjoying" the summer. at least, i am taking mental snapshots of my children's delight at the activities that i rush around getting them to on time. they seem to be the ones having all the fun. i seem to be the one doing all the sweating and worrying in the humid car (with the yet again broken AC) as i weave in and out of the minivan parade of all the other frenzied summer activity mothers....
oh for the days of childhood when i was enjoying the swimming pool and the drippy popsicles, hanging out in my wet swimsuit all day....

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  1. I'm featuring your wedding tip and a link to your blog on my Mom's Tips Monday tomorrow. It is scheduled to post at 10am EST. Come check it out!