Wednesday, June 15, 2011

the littest elephant has no trunk

Well, we bit the bullet. We got a kitten from a friend who was giving them away. In fact, said kitty is cuddled up on me as I update right now. He has decided that I am his "person" to replace being gone from his mommy.
He is all black, a fluff ball of sweet tinyness. Maybe 9 weeks old? He was the runt of the litter, and my friend took such great care of him. He still is on the tiny side, but he is a sweet thing that I think will make it just fine.
Our elephants are soooo in love with him. My BE wants to pet on him constantly, and PE is always making sure of where he is...
Now, poor hubby is allergic to cats. Come to think of it, BE is supposed to be, as well. Except that he has sneezed like twice, all day. That makes me very hopeful that he will develop an immunity to our little one, and easily so!
We are excited about our new member of the family. I love watching the kids "play" with him. Actually, for being 4 and almost 3, the kids are doing a great job being gentle and sweet to Licorice.
Hoping Hubby doesn't live to regret the decision to let us have this sweet pet, he is already ingrained in our hearts!

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