Sunday, June 12, 2011

I saw myself tonite

We were sitting on the bench swing in the back yard while our kids ran around, barefoot in our yard, drawing with sidewalk chalk on the patio, swinging on the playset, etc.
I looked at my PE and my heart took a snapshot to remember.
Messy ponytail, tank top with a stain from dinner, chalk on one palm, shorts pulled back up just a bit crooked, barefoot, three little almost-healed bug bits from last week on her legs...
Instantly I was transported to summers of my childhood. Getting in the last few minutes of daylight right before dusk, in the cool of the day, carefree and running from one fun thing to the next. I didn't miss being a kid, persay, I just had a pang of nastagia for the innocence and worry-free times from back then.
People (the non-biased, honest ones) say that my PE is a carbon-copy of me. I saw tonite what I must have looked like on the cusp of turning 3, enjoying a summer evening in the backyard. And my heart was full.
How much the Lord has blessed me with, this full circle of seeing a reflection of me from the opposite perspective... to be the adult now, knowing the road of joys, struggles, pain, heartache, challenges, and adventures that I walked to get here, and I know my littlest love has all of that yet to walk.
I have a head full of prayers to pray for her, a heart full of hopes and dreams, and a moment tonite of pure bliss watching her delightful face.
Thank you, Lord, for the past that has shaped me, the present that blesses me, and the future ahead that amazes me.
I love my elephants. :)

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